Investigation of Ecosystem Services and Circular Economy Interactions under an Inter-organizational Framework

Nowadays, the conceptualization of circular economy is an attractive managerial tool
among governments and businesses throughout the word, while ecosystem services are a contentious
issue due to the particular needs of humans’ well-being. At this review the interactions between
the principles of ecosystem services and the circular economy were investigated in the light of
inter-organizational systems. This evaluation was based on more and more complex processes, while
the integration of the growing circular economy concept within the shrinking parent ecosystem
unveiled challenges and constraints for products’ end of life and quality. It was argued that: (a) The
existence of social and people-related barriers can be considered under three groups, namely, the
“sustainable provision and modeling schemes”, “socio-cultural appreciation and payment schemes”,
and “regulatory and maintenance schemes”, (b) The impacts of circular economy–ecosystem services
toward an inter-organizational functional stream model associated with distinguished proactive and
post treatment risk values (c) The functionality and the accountability of the technosphere are the two
critical components to support the restorative and the regenerative perspectives of the biosphere. The
aforementioned findings unveiled new emerging paths to be further investigated, offering a deeper
appraisal of circular economy under the inter-organizational perception.

Find the respective pdf here.


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