Evaluating Circular Economy under a Multi-Parametric Approach: A Technological Review

A circular economy (CE) is conceptualized under different rounds of materials and
energy cycling flows and is a matter of a three-level deployment: inter-enterprise circulation, regional
circulation, and social circulation. Regarding them, the aim of this research was to get an update on the
current technological advances and the perspectives of its implementation. Thus, a multi-parametric
approach has been conducted to analyze the functionality of technologies in wastewater treatment,
organic waste management, agrarian development, and food waste in the context of CE. Beside the
narrative of the technological view, a critical approach assimilates the environmental, marketing,
economic, governmental, and procedural viewpoints and leads to key indicators which are subject
to positive and negative externalities. Due to this co-existence, we denoted the complexity of CE
principle implementation and the need for specific envisage in each case, while proposing strategies
are formulated in the light of social-environmental impact. Finally, further research gaps were
proposed for deeper consideration.

Find the respective pdf here.


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