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CommonLawgic, being a non-profit supporter of the nationwide cleanup campaign "Let's do it Greece" for the last six years, assisted and coordinated for the third consecutive time the environmental action for the Municipality of Piraeus (Cross Monument in Piraike) on Sunday April 29th, 2018.


Yanna Pavlopoulou, as Managing Partner of CommonLawgic (, a non-profit Sustainability Research Institute and Network Platform, is happy to announce the launch of our close cooperation with Mrs. Popy Lyrintzis, LYRINTZIS KCL GROUP - QMS Maritime Training Center with joint events, kindly hosted at their excellent Training venue in Piraeus. 

For your information, have a glance at QMS Training Program. April 2017. on specialized Technical, Management, STCW Workshops and Seminars.

Stay tuned on our forthcoming joint ventures!   .........................................................

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   The Mayor of Piraeus and ECOMASYN supported  “Let’s do it Greece 2015”!

The voluntary nationwide waste cleanup campaign “Let's do it Greece 2015” ( was successfully accomplished on Sunday, April 26th, 2015, for the 4th consecutive year. “Let's do it World” volunteer cleanup movement, first evolved in 2008 in Estonia and then spread as the largest and fastest growing volunteer environmental campaign internationally, with the participation of 108 countries and 8 million volunteers ( People from every part of the globe participate in the campaign by cleaning, on one particular day, their cities, their neighborhoods, parks, forests, beaches and riverbanks, conveying a message of positive activism for the volunteer protection of the natural and urban environment. Mrs. Yanna Pavlopoulou (COMMONLAWGIC), as founding Supporter and Steering Team member of “Let’s do it Greece”, explained -at a joint press Conference with the Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Yannis Moralis - (photo no 1) the aims of their action: “Let’s do it” internationally branded, voluntary campaign takes place for the fourth time in Greece in multiple places but on the same day. Our “zero-budget” campaign managed to inspire “self-organized” volunteer cleanups throughout Greece, as an alternative way of action against existing environmental problems. As many as 1970 volunteer civil society and public organizations joined to support our initiative. We expect to motivate and “seed” our message to 38.000 volunteers at 500 cleanups around Greece, through social media networks, our website and “word of mouth” peer influence.”


Mrs. Pavlopoulou and Nikos Kioussis invited the citizens of Piraeus to actively join for ONE DAY “Let’s do it Greece 2015” with families, colleagues and friends. Mr. Yannis Moralis symbolically promised (by co-signing their “t-shirt” that already bared the signature of many prominent volunteers) to support their initiative, providing volunteer executives & municipal resources in order to effectively coordinate cleanup actions in 13 sites all around Piraeus! (photo no 2).

The Piraeus Mayor undoubtedly kept his promise, actively attending every single cleanup, escorted by his family and friends! The voluntary cleanup at the ancient fort of Peiraiki coastline (Piraeus) joined many members of the newly founded consortium ECOMASYN* namely volunteers from OCEANKING, C&A KASSIDIARIS, SPANOPOULOS GROUP, KAMINCO, SGL ENGINEERING, GKC REPAIRS, ARCO, RINA, COMMONLAWGIC, P. KOKKINIS, DL AUTOMATION, KOPOUKIS. They supported this CSR action and enjoyed a meaningful Sunday ECOMASYN gathering. (indicative photo No 3, ECOMASYN banner held by the companies’ reps before the Greek flag and the Holy Cross ).

ECOMASYN founding members, Panos Yannoulis (front line), Stavros Kassidiaris & Yanna Pavlopoulou (holding the “Let’s do it” banner) with volunteers at Peiraiki (Holy Cross site). The Mayor of Piraeus in the middle (embracing his baby son) among volunteers. (Photo No 4)


*ECOMASYN ( is a marine cluster, legally formed as a non-profit synergy of ship retrofit related businesses, mainly based in Piraeus, assisting its members to provide integrated solutions to their clients. ECOMASYN aspires to create technology sharing schemes and benefit through cooperation; develop the retrofit/ship repair sector and advance relative services, through consultation, training and the support of class societies. Moreover, their main objective is to build trust to clients about the high level services that can be provided in Greece at a quality/cost/time effective way. Members’ services are within the spectrum of “Green Shipping”, focusing on Energy Efficiency through type approved systems of Scrubbers/emissions abatement, Ballast Water Treatment, LNG and Alternative Marine Fuels.  At this green «one stop shop» synergy, the customer could seek volunteer advice and information in an integrated way, in one place (Piraeus/Greece), from a variety of excellent service providers and products, on all services (research, deployment, advisory, training, quality assurance etc.). ECOMASYN Board members are: Stavros Kassidiaris, C&A AUTOMATION (President), Apostolos Belokas, SQE MARINE (Gen. Secretary), Apostolos Sigouras, NAFSOLP (1st Vice President), Sof. Kokkinis KOKKINIS LTD (2nd Vice President), Sp. Leloudas SGL Enginnering (Treasurer), Panos Yannoulis OCEANKING (Dean), Josef Mantzaris, KEK APOPSI (Sp. Secretary).


Yanna Pavlopoulou and the team of CommonLawgic supported at a fully non-profit and voluntary basis, the negotiation and establishment of ECOMASYN as a functioning legal entity.

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CommonLAWgic regularly hosts social events, ensuring networking opportunities, communication and understanding between advisors, Members and other stakeholders. The Executive Board has the main responsibility to draft the action plan and set targets and timeline of selected initiatives.

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Happy New Year 2015 ! For the festive season, CommonLawgic joined "Let's Do it Greece" into a great Recycling initiative conducted by Golden Hall in favor of "MAZI GIA TO PAIDI" . ALPHA GREEN SA gave money for the total weight of recyclables collected, directly to"MAZI GIA TO PAIDI" synegy of Associations. We enjoyed our Christmas and New Year gathering serving the environment and social causes. 


Commonlawgic supported the nationwide cleanup campaign"Let's Doit Greece" as Official Supporter for the  third consecutive year Yanna Pavlopoulou and Prof. Konstantin Aravossis served again as valuable members of the Main Organizing Committee The clean-ups successfully take place  in 300 different cities and sites (beaches, rivers, urban areas, caves and the sea - with scuba divers-) with the participation of 1000 organizations and 37.000 volunteers! Our special thanks to Peggy Papastavrou, Zach Tsagkas, Markos Kantzios and Giorgos Katselis and all our friends! In April 14th, 2013, we were priviledged to involve in CommonLawgic's clean-up in Glyfada the U.S. Ambassador, Mr. Daniel Smith and the representative of the Let's Do It World, Mrs. Kadi Kenk, together with 90 more volunteers. Photos can be found on Let's Do it again soon...


CommonLawgic supports a digital art gallery start-up: ARTIA GALLERY ( that participates in Platform Project @ Art Athina 2013 and 2014 in the context of "ART ATHINA" INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR at the Tae-Kwon-Do Olympic Complex, Piraeus Greece.

Platform Project @ Art Athina will present 45 platforms – artists’ initiatives from 16 countries with more than 500 artists. The platforms come from: Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, France, Russia, Serbia." ARTIA GALLERY, will present the group project EMEIS33, a sculptural composition composed of works created by 33 renowned and emerging Greek artists, sending the message of partnership and cooperation as a means to move forward from our harsh reality.

Yanna Pavlopoulou joined the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Conference in Amsterdam from May 22-25th, 2013 and was fully informed over the changes of GRI G4 Guidelines. CommonLawgic is formally thereon an Organizational Stakeholder of this major Sustainability Framework, applicable in 5000 companies and 80 countries.

CommonLawgic supported the GARMIN Ziria Skyrace, a 30km. mountain marathon running up to 2.400m. that took place in June 2nd, 2013 with 300 amazing athletes from many countries. Our member, Gosport ( were the efficient organizers of such an exceptional event!